Time travel is a fantastical concept—one that most people smartly consider the stuff of science-fiction. While the idea that someone can journey through time and change the course of history is terrifyingly tantalizing, it simply just isn’t possible. Only, what if it is—and it already happened?

If you were to ask Al Bielek and his brother, Duncan Cameron, they’d tell you they know for sure that time travel is possible, because they’ve done it themselves! Their apparent journey into the distant future allegedly took place in 1943, and they’ve got the evidence to back it up…

While the possibility of journeying through time and space is tantalizing, most would agree that such a feat isn’t actually possible—even with modern technology. However, Al Bielek (born Edward Cameron) and his brother, Duncan Cameron, would beg to differ.

Despite what skeptics told them, this brotherly duo believed time travel was more than possible. They knew it could be done—because they’d already done it! According to them, they traveled to the distant future all the way back in 1943. And they had evidence.

As you could imagine, the brothers’ alleged journey into the future was like something from a science-fiction movie. Their remarkable story started in 1943 on Montauk, Long Island, at the Montauk Air Force Station.

Allegedly, scientists there were developing psychological warfare techniques that included studying the concept of time travel. This place was actually the inspiration behind Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things

As part of the work being done by the Montauk Air Force Station, the brothers were assigned to board the USS Eldridge, a top-secret naval ship that had some pretty incredible special powers. Chief among them was its supposed ability to become invisible and teleport across the globe. Yeah, seriously.

It was on this ship that Al and Duncan claim they jumped through time. Late one evening, after leaping over the side of the ship, the two didn’t land in the water below. According to them, they traveled to the very distant future—the year 2137!

When the brothers arrived, they spent six full weeks lying in futuristic hospital beds recovering from intense radiation poisoning. There was no human medical staff at the hospital, and they were given no indication where the building was located.

According to the brothers, the futuristic medical system was pretty bizarre. In fact, they were treated for their injuries using a series of vibrations and light. And if you think that sounds crazy, then just you wait…

They claimed there were also televisions lining the rooms that were playing educational and news programming, and that was where the brothers learned some very shocking things about what had happened to the world since 1943!

The first thing the brothers learned was that climate change had significantly altered the geography of the United States. Shockingly, the water levels had risen around Florida and reduced it to just the panhandle.

Likewise, Atlanta, Georgia, was now only three miles away from the ocean; the Mississippi River had managed to become an inland waterway; and the Great Lakes had all merged into one massive body of water!

The brothers were also shocked to learn that the Earth’s magnetic poles had begun to shift! Thankfully, there was an artificial pole structure that was built to prevent the collapse and reversal of the north and south poles, which would have destroyed all life on the planet.

The brothers also relayed that global warfare had broken out. The Russians went to war with China, and the United States was involved in a devastating conflict with several European countries. A number of major U.S. cities were destroyed, and the infrastructure of the government completely collapsed.

One of the most startling pieces of information the brothers supposedly learned was that the entire world’s population had been reduced to 300 million people, with the United States housing 50 million of them. And it only got stranger from there…

After spending six weeks in the hospital bed, Al claimed he inexplicably left his brother behind and traveled to the year 2749, where he remained for two whole years. There, he described great floating cities that could be moved across the Earth.

Al also mentioned that everything was controlled by a synthetic intelligence computer system that ran the entire world. No form of government existed, and a huge, floating computer structure communicated with people telepathically.

Furthermore, the society was completely socialistic, and every single living person had all of their basic needs for survival taken care of. Eventually, Al somehow rejoined his brother in the year 2137.

After picking up his brother in the hospital, Al claimed he and Duncan managed to return back to 1943 through a wormhole. It was several years before they first presented their stories, since they seemed to suffer amnesia-like symptoms upon their return.

During the 1980s, Al began to regain his memory of what happened back in the 1940s, and he began presenting his and his brother’s story at several UFO conferences. While entertaining, they were naturally met with a great deal of skepticism.

In the years since, many people have called their entire story a hoax, but the brothers have sworn that everything they told people was true. What do you think? Some of it sounds impossible, but then again…

Were Al and Duncan telling the truth about their journey into the future? Only they know for sure. While some are skeptical about time travel, others are true believers. Check out these stories from 10 other people who claim to have traveled in time… see whether you believe or not!

1. Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain: These two women published a book in 1911 about their time traveling adventures in the Petit Trianon (Marie Antoinette’s private retreat on the grounds of Versailles).

They claimed to be have been transported back in time where they spoke with the beheaded queen. If she offered them cake, they never mentioned it.

2. John Titor: In 2003, Titor began posting on message boards about his alleged “time traveling” experience. He included a photograph of a “trip” he took to 1941 of the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia.

3. Charlie Chaplin: In Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film The Circus, a woman can be seen walking by the camera clutching something that looks like a cell phone to her ear. Is this a time traveler or a woman using an old-fashioned portable hearing aid?

4.  Rudolph Fentz: In New York City in 1951, a man wearing 19th-century clothes was hit by a car and killed. Police learned his identity and discovered that he had gone missing… in 1876.

The items on his person suggested that the man had traveled through time from 1876 to 1950 directly. This urban legend was actually a short story published in a magazine in the 1950s.

5. Billy Meier: This self-proclaimed prophet believes that he was abducted by aliens who took him to many different times and places. Meier claims that they introduced him to dinosaurs and also Jesus Christ.

6. Andrew Carlssin: In 2003, Carlssin was arrested for SEC violations. With an investment of just $800, Carlssin ended up with over $350,000,000. In a four-hour confession, he claimed that he was 200 years in the future. 

7. Håkan Nordkvist: In 2006 in Sweden, Nordkvist claimed to be transported to the year 2046 while repairing his kitchen sink. Once there, he shot footage of a man he believed to be his future self. This was later proven to be a commercial for a pension plan.

8. Bob White: From 2001 to 2003, people all over the world began receiving emails from a man named “Bob White” who claimed to be a time traveler who had gotten stuck. He was requesting help accessing “Dimensional Warp Generator.” The emails were eventually credited to infamous spammer named Robert J. Todino.

9. The chronoviser: In his 2002 book “The Vatican’s New Mystery,” author Francois Brune claimed that the Vatican was in possession of a chronoviser, which is a device through which you could view past and future events. The Vatican, unsurprisingly, denies its existence.

10. Iranian time travel machine: In April of 2013, an Iranian news agency reported that a 27-year-old scientist had invented a device that allowed people to see into the future. Of course, the Iranian government has denied its existence!