Kathryn Van Beek was hurriedly walking home on a rain-soaked pathway in Auckland, New Zealand, when she spotted a small creature out of the corner of her eye. At first, she thought it was a rat, and naturally recoiled from the sight…

But upon further inspection, she realized it was a tiny, cold, and wet kitten. That’s when she knew she had to help.

The kitten was extremely small, and still had his umbilical cord attached.


Kathryn took him home and gave him the name Bruce, after Bruce Wayne.


After 12 days, he still hadn’t opened his eyes, and weighed just about 100 grams.


But soon enough, Bruce’s beautiful eyes were open.


Not long after that, he was able to eat on his own.


His new mom worked hard to keep him warm and healthy.


And she did a great job!


Bruce was doing wonderfully after 9 weeks, and his personality was really coming out.


He even got up to a whopping 2 pounds.


Now, Bruce has his own Facebook page, and he’s gaining more fans each day.


When you watch this, it’s easy to see why!

I’m glad that Kathryn didn’t overlook this wet bundle of fur. He never would have made it without her!

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