Who is BUNNIE XO? The Pop Enigma Taking Over the Charts

These days, there is a new power couple in the Nashville music scene — country rapper Jelly Roll and his platinum-blonde wife Bunnie XO! In 2022 he released the hit single “Son of a Sinner” and won three CMT Music Awards, while his wife thrived with her own social media and podcast empire. But who is Bunnie XO? Where did she come from, and how did she meet her bad-boy husband? And what are her plans for the future?

Raised by a single dad

Bunnie — real name “Alyssa” — was born in 1980 in Tennessee; she grew up raised primarily by her father Bill. You see, when she was only three months old, Bunnie’s biological mom had left her on a doorstep and disappeared from her life.

Her dad later remarried and did his best to raise his daughter. To this day, Bunnie insists, “My dad is the coolest dude I’ve ever known. We clash because I’m just like him, but there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for my pops.”

She always wanted to make her dad laugh

During an episode of her Dumb Blonde podcast, Bunnie waxed lyrical about the love she has for her father, who was a working musician. She said, “The coolest story that I could ever tell people is that I was raised by a single dad.”

She added, “I think I always tried to make you happy as a kid because I always wanted to be your comedic relief. That was the relationship you and I always had — I just would say… [the weirdest] stuff to make you laugh.”

Leaving home at 14

At only 14 years old, though, Bunnie made a life-changing decision. Her relationship with her dad’s second wife had frayed to the point of no return, so she figured enough was enough and it was time for a change.

She admitted on her podcast, “I was tired of fist-fighting with this woman every day. So, I ran away from home.” She later admitted on Facebook that her family had said some hurtful things when she was leaving, including that she’d be “barefoot and pregnant by 15.”

She always knew she would be okay

The mixed-up young girl was also told by several people in her life that she would never amount to anything. Yet she maintains, “I never took to heart what anyone said, because I just knew I would always be okay, no matter what.”

Bunnie added, “I figure it out; it’s what I do.” She also made a choice early on to live by the mantra, “Life is tough, time waits for no one, but you have control of how you spend that time.”