When it comes to fashion, most people are content to just fit in. After all, why draw unnecessary attention? But wouldn’t it be fun to stand out from time to time? This designer definitely thinks so.

Etsy store El Costurero Real, owned by fashion designer and seamstress Alassie, is all about standing out, but not exactly in  the way that you might think.

Imagine taking a walk in an enchanted forest wearing a beautiful, butterfly-inspired scarf! Sounds nice right? But these aren’t just ordinary scarves.


These accessories transform the wearer into something else entirely. The edges of the scarves are delicately cut to resemble the wings of a butterfly or moth.


They’re perfect for a fantasy-based photo shoot or as a gift for the one in your life with the wildest imagination.


Alessia’s designs come in a range of colors and patterns, fit for any occasion or outfit.


Even butterflies blend into their surroundings sometimes…


…but not always!


Spread your wings if you dare!


Don’t you love these? What a great departure from the norm!

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