This Guy Cuts Up His Entire CD Collection And Turns It Into Something Brilliant

We all have junk lying around our houses that we don't know what to do with. We keep meaning to clean out those few boxes and throw things away, but somehow we keep putting off the chore of going through the unwanted stuff in our lives.

Like many of us, this man had boxes of CDs that were simply gathering dust, and he finally decided to get rid of them. But just as he prepared to throw them out, he spotted something in the corner of the garage that gave him a brilliant idea.

Right away, he knew he had to follow through with this plan. When you see the results, you'll certainly be glad he did!

While cleaning out the old CDs from his garage, one man noticed an old side table. Even though the top was in rough shape, its structure was sturdy. So, he decided to repurpose two objects all in one go.
To begin, he had to turn the CDs into more manageable pieces. So he cut all of the discs into small pieces of different shapes and sizes. At that point, they sort of resembled broken pieces of glass.
Next, he cleaned and sanded the table, just to make sure that the table surface was as smooth as possible. After that, he moved on to giving it a nice fresh coat of jet-black paint.
Using some handy, everyday super glue, the man started arranging each of the CD pieces, shiny side up, into a beautiful mosaic pattern. They really did look like pieces of tile or glass once placed on the table!