39 Celebs Who Changed Their Real Names When They Got To Hollywood

Celebrities aren't like you and me. They live in ridiculously large houses, have to evade photographers at every turn, and, most importantly, have Hollywood-worthy names that command as much power as any worldwide brand.

But you'll be surprised to discover that many big-shot celebs once went by different names, and when you learn what they were, you'll realize you have more in common with your favorite celebs than you think. How did they keep this a secret?

1. Actor and comedian Tina Fey was born Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.
2. If you don't know who Stevland Hardaway Judkins is, you probably know him better as Stevie Wonder.
3. Destiny Hope Cyrus doesn't roll off the tongue quite like Miley Cyrus.
4. Ralph Lifshitz doesn't have as much brand recognition as Ralph Lauren.