Céline Dion Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Natural Hair – And Fans Think It’s Gorgeous

Céline Dion’s voice may not have changed much since she first topped the charts, but she’s certainly switched up her looks over the years. So much so that most fans probably couldn’t tell you what her hair naturally looks like. So when the Canadian revealed her real locks on Instagram, the photo sent her follows wild.

Dion debuted this latest image change in a behind-the-scenes video posted on Instagram. The legendary diva was showing fans how she recorded “The Chase” – a number from her 2019 album Courage. This clip also credits writers Craig McConnell, Liz Rodrigues and Susan Mitchell before explaining its meaning.

“The song is about taking a chance based on a feeling, even if it means getting hurt,” the caption reads. Dion can be seen singing and dancing along to the ballad in a recording studio during the 45-second video. But it was her throwback locks that instantly grabbed the most attention.

This isn’t the first time that Dion has been complimented for her seemingly ageless appearance. And some actually believe that the star looks younger now than she did when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988! What’s her secret, then? Well, in 2019 the singer was more than happy to share her beauty regime in an interview on British TV show This Morning.

Dion told the hosts that cleaning the face and using moisturizer after waking up and just before going to bed are two of her main skincare rules. The “My Heart Will Go On” singer also revealed that she makes sure all her beauty products are regularly cleaned. This includes the makeup brushes Dion uses pre- and post-performance.