When You See What They Pulled Out Of This Guy’s Body, You’ll Never Eat Out Again.

At one time or another we've all eaten something that doesn't agree with us. For the most part all it takes is some water, Pepto, and rest to cure us of our gastrointestinal ills. But sometimes, stomach pain can be a sign of something much more serious...and strange.

A Chinese man recently went to the doctor after months of unexplained stomach pain. He told them that the pain had begun the night after a meal of raw beef sashimi. At first they couldn't find anything wrong with him, but then they made a discovery that left everyone in the room stunned.

After months of serious stomach pain, an unnamed man in China finally went to the doctor's office. THIS is what they find in his stomach.
It was a 16 foot-long intestinal tapeworm, known in scientific circles as taenia saginata.
They couldn't believe that it had lived inside the man long enough to grow to this size.
This kind of tapeworm is found in contaminated beef, and the man admitted that he regularly enjoyed eating raw sashimi. Unfortunately, tapeworms can infect a patient if they are removed in pieces, so he had to wait to pass the worm intact. The process took five days.