Kitchen Experts Share The Clever Air Fryer Hacks We Can’t Wait To Try

Air fryers have quickly become every home chef’s must-have kitchen appliance, and it’s easy to see why. These mini-ovens promise to cut down on cooking fat, save us time and energy, and — best of all — deliver perfectly crispy fries every time. But if you’re only using your air fryer for fries, you’re missing out. Food lovers and experts have revealed the genius tips that’ll show you how to make the most of these miraculous machines.

Eggs arent hard to crack

Making the perfect boiled egg can be a tiresome business — but did you know your air fryer could come to your rescue? All you have to do is heat your machine to 270 °F and stick a whole egg or four into the basket. For some soft-boiled beauties, you’ll want to cook them for about ten minutes. Hard-boiled eggs will need five minutes more.

Make a mean grilled cheese

When you think of air fryers, you might not immediately think of grilled cheeses. But they can actually give you flawlessly toasted sandwiches with those all-important gooey fillings. Just prepare your grilled cheese in the normal fashion and pop it into an air fryer set to 390 °F for four minutes. Flip that bad boy over and cook for four minutes more, and you’re done.

Think outside the box

You don’t only have to rely on specific air-fryer recipes for your fancy gadget. To expand your horizons, YouTuber Candice Hutchings gives a foolproof way of converting a recipe designed for an oven for an air fryer. She says all you need to do is reduce the suggested oven temperature by 25 °F and take about a fifth off the cooking time, and that should do the trick.

Go nuts for your snacks

The next time you want a hearty snack, you could turn to your air fryer to toast some delicious nuts. The bigger nuts can be flung straight into the device’s basket, but the smaller ones will need to be popped into a dish or some aluminum foil first. Either way, you’ll have beautifully toasted nuts in just a few minutes.