It’s always scary when you experience immense pain for reasons that you can’t explain. Unfortunately for one woman in central China—who woke up suddenly with severe ear irritation—finding out the cause of her pain was probably something she didn’t want to hear.

She went to the doctor as soon as she could, but what he found in her ear was absolutely horrifying. It was enough to make anyone scream!

One woman from Hua City in central China, who only provided her surname, Liao, suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating ear pain.

1-cockroach-earYouTube / RawVideoNews

She rushed to the doctor, who made a startling discovery: a live cockroach had made its home inside her ear canal. The doctor believed it happened because the woman had food in her bed.

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She had to undergo anesthesia so that the doctor could remove the cockroach.

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“I could sense something inside, but I could’t touch it. Its wings were flipping and it hit my ear,” said Liao in an interview. “It’s very painful.”

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One could only imagine how it must feel to realize that such a large creature was living inside of you. It’s a good thing that creature was removed as soon as possible!

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