Making a fresh pot of coffee every day is how most of us love to start our mornings. But that delicious and fragrant ritual can leave quite a mess in its wake. Sopping wet coffee filters and the sodden grounds they contain are a total mess! You probably just throw them in the trash, but not so fast.

It turns out that even after you’ve used them to make your morning beverage, coffee grounds have a TON of amazing uses. When you see everything they can do, you’ll never throw them in the garbage ever again!

1. Fertilizer


The grounds attract worms and are great for both water retention and drainage, making for some very happy plants!

2. Pest Control


You may love the smell of coffee, but lots of unwanted garden critters don’t.

3. Compost


Coffee grounds add extra nitrogen to your compost.

4. Carrots 


Carrots love coffee grounds! Adding some to the soil makes carrots grow faster.

5. Pans


Easily remove grit from your pans by scrubbing them with coffee grounds!

6. Fridge


They’ll zap the stink from your fridge in a hurry.

7. Sink


Putting some in your drain can get rid of terrible sink smells.

8. Hands


Stinky hands? Scrub your hands with grounds to banish bad smells.

9. Scratch Remover


Rubbing coffee grounds on wood scratches will remove discoloration.

10. Air Freshener 


Placing coffee grounds over your vents makes the whole house smell great.

11. Ash Catcher


Toss coffee grounds onto your logs before burning them to prevent fly away ashes.

12. Candles

Candles infused with coffee grounds give off the most incredible aroma.

13. Skin Scrub


Using coffee grounds as a skin scrub brightens complexion and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

14. Hair Treatment


Putting coffee grounds in your hair will make it shine like never before.

I had no clue that something I was throwing away everyday could have such practical uses. I love the idea that something I use to feed my plants can also be used to pamper me in the shower. I’m trying this tonight!

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