This Photographer Travelled To The Coldest Town On Earth. And The Pictures He Took Are Breathtaking.

What's the coldest weather you could withstand on a regular basis? For me it's like a solid 37 degrees. But how about an average temperature of -54° F? No thanks.

Photographer Amos Chapple set out to discover exactly what it takes to live in Oymyakon, Russia, the coldest town on Earth, where the record low reached -96.16° F.

Oymyakon is about as north as towns go.
Chapple first had to stop off in the nearest city, Yaktusk, where he met a number of residents.
Yaktusk is the capital city of the Sakha region and is considered the coldest capital city in the world.
Their diet mostly consists of frozen fish and meat soup, as no crops can grow in the region.