40+ Relatable Comics That Reveal The Truth About Love And Marriage

Marriage is a long journey with little pit stops along the way - some exciting, others not so much. But every moment is an adventure worth savoring. A couple that learns to cherish every nugget of those mundane everyday things are happier and stay together longer. Add lots of humor to the mix, and it’s a winner of life!

Israeli artist Yehuda Devir understands this perfectly, as seen through these comic depictions of quirky slice-of-life pictorials based on the daily interactions with his wife, Maya. Every picture speaks a thousand truths of a marital life only married ones can nod along to. As they say, the devil is in the details, and it’s amusing yet oddly satisfying how relatable each of those is in these drawings!

The Honeymoon Phase

Newly married couples will get this one pretty quick - they can even feel it in their bones. The favorite phase of any marriage is the 'can't get enough of each other' period, where the two must be together constantly to feel complete. Oh, the golden era of not wanting to get out of bed even to take a quick trip to the restroom!

Well, that passes soon enough, but when it's on, every little thing that forces one or both to get out of bed and out of sight is a mortal enemy. Going to work would seem like a herculean task, but let's not forget it pays the bills!

The Shy Hubby

It's not every day one comes across a guy refusing to take a shirt off in public. Yet, it is not uncommon for a man to feel a bit conscious about going topless at a beach. The feeling is not exclusive to women!

It could be a regular thing or just a don't-feel-like-it day! But if he lacks the confidence to show off his physique, a bit of a leg up from his beloved might go a long way in loosening him up. And what fun it would be to splash around together or take a swim in the open waters without a care in the world!

The Growing Dish Pile

Anyone who still harbors the misconception that women are born to keep their homes clean and love doing it should probably take a look at this cartoon. Women do not necessarily find household chores their solemn duty and responsibility, and neither do they find it appealing.

Also, cooking doesn't include cleaning up after. It's a separate chore, and washing dishes fall under 'to be done later,' which isn't until the kitchen runs out of clean utensils. Oh, there's always a takeaway! Or a husband who is an equal partner in every sense. How wonderful to spend a lifetime with a man who shares the dishwashing load!

The Weight Conscious Wife

Some women watch their weight so closely they get on the weighing scale every other day. They are bound to lose their mind more than any pounds. Losing excess weight is hard work and needs dedication, persistence, and commitment to reach a specific goal.

A partner poking fun at her efforts could cause a setback for the lady! Being involved in her fights shows that the person she loves has her back. There's nothing more precious or motivating than that for a woman in love! Although, giving a slight scare as he does here and making her laugh after doesn't hurt too.