As the band Devo once said, “When a problem comes along, you must whip it!” That core value has seeped into the collective conscious of every able-bodied soul on the planet. If there’s an obstacle in your way, roll up those sleeves, take a deep breath, and puzzle out the answer.

The people on this list identified a problem and came up with — let’s say creative — solutions on the fly. However, that doesn’t mean these fixes were of any kind of quality…even by the lowest standards.

 1. Hanging out with friends in the park brings out the show off in some of us, but a person suggesting you use a flipped-over wire rack as a boat usually proves they’re more of a MacGruber than a MacGyver. The look on his face says, “Shoot. What’s my next move?”

2. If anyone has the courage to tell this guy there’s an easier way to listen to music while he cooks — you know, like an iPod — please step forward. Fingers crossed he doesn’t accidentally sit down.

Sareth94 / Twitter

3. For years, Bill’s friends sneered at the table tennis racket he kept in his lunchbox. On that fateful day, when workers were told all supplies would be available on site, his time to shine had finally come.

4. Certain fields are limited in their creative licenses, trade skills being one of them. Not anymore! In a Frankensteins monster stroke of genius, a mechanic used half a skeleton of an old car and juiced it up with a fresh new ticker under the hood.

5. Resting a phone on the brim of your lid is just plain old multipurpose living. Hats off to this guy for using some common sense. The only downfall is if he fell asleep that cell would be out of sight, out of mind.

6. Apparently, hat tricks are a common problem-solver technique. Using your cap as a TV tray is another ingenious method for making public transportation feel more like first-class accommodations.

7. A job worth doing is worth doing on wheels. Saluting this soldier for thinking up a solution to the slip-and-fall hazard that has plagued societies for centuries. 

8. A wave sweeping the delivery industry: package parkour. Fifteen points if you can balance a box on less than two surfaces. Sick moves like this gnarly wedge would get this parcel carrier at least to the leaderboard.

9. After his girlfriend sent him to the store for concealer, she asked “him to show it to me on his hand so I could see the color.” This stellar bf knew he was doing the exact right thing when he snapped this picture. Well, he tried.

Badgalariiiii / Twitter

10. Nothing’s worse than soggy buns. Finally, a tried-and-true tested method for combing the self-care benefits of a soak in the tub and enjoying a delicious ballpark frank. Added bonus: no shirt for the mustard to stain.

11. Based on the setup here, it’s safe to say this crafty thinker watched Home Alone several hundred times. If you watch carefully, the only noticeable result of the scheme is a mallet cracking against the wall to pester the noisy neighbors.

12. For some people, the way to their heart isn’t via played out gestures of chocolates or roses. No, for them, a bouquet of RCA connectors keeps the love tank fully charged.

13. Getting caught without a visor at the racetrack was one embarrassment Hank could not endure. Luckily the snack shack was selling a deal for box bundle with an impromptu shielding vessel at no extra charge.

14. The other quick fixes on this list are admittedly silly, but thanks to his energy-efficient idea, this clever fellow might be riding a sea of green all the way to the bank.

15. For many years the world’s top engineers have toiled away attempting to find a purpose for dangling sweatshirt strings. After trials and testing, this lone Einstein on the subway cracked the code: phone suspender.

16. The $100 your parents shelled out for the latest model of a graphing calculator in eighth grade seemed like a waste at the time. But mom and dad beamed with pride when they found out their boy put his machine to good use plotting out virtual billiards moves.

17. Skating isn’t canceled just because your friends are in summer school. You make do with who you’ve got, and that’s your dog. This budding Tony Hawk strapped a camera to his pup’s head to capture his tricks.

18. Rock ‘n’ roll is for everyone, even people who can’t shell out the extra dough for expensive music equipment. As long as he keeps a level head while wailing out a solo, his guitar will be fine. Otherwise, one errant slide could bust the neck off his six stringing.

19. Do the big wigs operating the hammer monopoly need any more lining to their pockets? This obstacle vanquisher certainly thought not. With an old bottle, a scrap of wood, and a hank of duct tape, the nails stood no chance.

20. Cooking over an open flame just gives food a particular flavor. This amateur dough thrower promised his date a romantic meal, prepared in his very own pizza oven, and that’s what he did.

21. Once the chef felt the crust reached a flaky textured consistency, he carefully took out his special family heirloom, passed down through generations. His grandfather, Wayne Gretzky, swore by this slicer, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for anyone.

22.  Laugh all you want at the feeble attempt to mend this frightening foundational crack with clear packaging tape. The intention was there, but the budget was nonexistent. For people who bungle home rehab projects with beaucoup bucks, there is no valid excuse.

23. Don’t throw those plastic hangers away! Keep a few in the back of your closet. They transition easily into thrifty selfie sticks. The bird’s eye view is the most flattering after all.

The Sun

24. Rattan furniture is timeless, but it can break the bank. These steampunk style chairs make perfect patio furniture. Using tires and some yellow paint, you can make a one-of-a kind design without sacrificing comfort.

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25. After spending all that cash on a new LED screen, swap in the old bulky dinosaur tube for a coffee table! Some may not see the potential of this kitsch repurposing, but others will delight in the ingenuity.

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26. S’more for the crowd! Yeah, a stick gets the job done, but why not speed up the process? Clean off a rake, and roast your tasty treats for the whole crew at the same time.

Country Music Nation

27. Need to dry your pants but don’t have access to laundry machines? Give a blow-dryer a whirl! This smarty pants even used books to streamline this into a hands-free task.

The Sun

28. How often do you use an ironing board anyway? When you’re deep in a musical headspace, you’ve got to act fast before inspiration slips away. With a bit of tape, a hands-free mic stand can be fashioned in seconds. Plus, it’s economical.

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29. Got a time-sensitive project and no three hole punch? In that frantic rush before the big deadline, get creative! A drill can get the job done, but maybe try a smaller screw than this guy.

The Sun

30. What could be more practical than an actual fire to turn your chilly pool into a three-season hot tub? All that’s needed is a wooden pallet, a metal trash can, and a large enough pool to avoid the flames. Enjoy your soak!

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31. Forgetting a vital utensil for an outdoor picnic happens to the best of us. A saw, or a pocket knife, double as a crude breadknife. The best solutions stem from an adaptive attitude.

The Sun

32. Radiators are built-in food warmers. Keep the table clear for the cold dishes during the holiday mania. That way everyone can enjoy a warm meal no matter when they get a moment to relax.

The Sun

33. The last thing a hardworking laborer needs to worry about is a place to rest his weary bones. Next time you’re working outdoors, grab a wheelbarrow chair. Ditch the bucket. This guy opted for back support.

The Sun

34. “Lego” of that knife! Rest it carefully in a playful Lego knife block! An easy way to repurpose some old toys is to reincorporate them as decor. Plus, it’s a conversation starter.

The sun

35. Admit it. The idyllic dream of a white picket fence never seemed so possible. Cutting a door might not everyone’s cup of tea, but with a bit of paint and a vintage door knob, possibilities emerge.

The Sun

36. Problem solving doesn’t stop when you leave your house. This character brainstormed a simple solution to an immediate dilemma. A stack of hardcover books makes for a sturdy temporary seat.

Daily Mail

37. Rollerblades can break the bank and honestly, who knows how fleeting your skating ambitions will be. Use the master fixer — good ole’ duct tape — to strap on some wheels to a pair of sensible boots. Voila! Speed skater!

Daily Mail

38. Spending money on children’s furniture is a headache because right after it’s purchased, the kids outgrow it. Extend a table leg with wood or bed risers during that growth spurt. An added bonus: take the wheels off an old table and reuse them for rollerblades!

Daily Mail

39. No bowl? No problem! Sometimes a solution lies nearer than you think. Just use the plastic lining of the cereal bag as a makeshift eating vessel. Come on, you wanted a few bowls anyway!

The Sun

40. Wands aren’t only for magic! Mere muggles can give them an alternative purpose. They’re quite useful in accessing hard to reach places. Bonus uses: pointers, propping open windows, and twirling batons.

The Sun

41. What’s better than repurposing what you already have? This homeowner used a satellite dish for a dual purpose rather than paying for a basketball hoop that could potentially tip over. Warning: shots off the backboard could disrupt your signal.

42. Can’t get to the auto shop straight away? There’s a solution. Side mirrors are essential for safe driving, so instead of taking a risk, use any reflective surface in the mean time. It isn’t a long term fix, but it can save you in a jam.

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