Isn’t it great when a few inexpensive products and a bit of your time can result in something awesome?

This creative project is easy, cheap, and will give you a unique addition to your home that’s literally one of a kind. Don’t worry… it’s not even that hard!

First, grab a bag of quick-setting concrete mix, a pair of latex gloves and scissors.

Open the bag, mix the concrete according to the directions on the package, and get ready to use those gloves.

Carefully pour the concrete mixture into the gloves and work the concrete into the fingers. Make sure to get out all the air bubbles.

Shape the hands as the cement starts to dry to create a natural-looking curve in the fingers as if the hands are holding something. This will be very important later on.

After the cement dries fully, cut along the side of one hand and begin to peel the latex gloves off of your creation. You can really start to see it take shape at this point!

Continue to peel all of the latex off. This may take some time, so patience is key!

Take your new creation out into the garden and place your favorite flowers or rocks in the hands!

Not only is this a great weekend project, but no one in the neighborhood will have a planter like yours. I can’t wait to try this and tell my kids there’s a stone giant hiding in our garden!

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