Adopting a baby can be a long and difficult process. Many couples try for years to adopt a child, only to be met with endless red tape and disappointment.

It would be easy for these people — and their relatives — to give up all hope, but the immense challenge only makes it that much sweeter if they’re finally able to bring that new baby home. Miranda and Donny are a U.S. Air Force couple who had been stationed at JB Pearl Harbor Hickam while undergoing a lengthy adoption process.

When they got leave to go home for Christmas, they decided to surprise their families with their return. But when they finally got there, they had an even bigger surprise for Donny’s mom, Eva.

Starting a family is something that most people would eventually like to do someday. But, it’s not always easy for every couple. Infertility affects both men and women. When this happens, a couple often turns to adoption, which can be a long and arduous process.

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Miranda and Donny were a U.S. Air Force couple that were going through the struggles of conception like many other American families. Nothing seemed to be working. Finally, they both decided that adoption was the best route in order to start a family. 

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It was a long process, and Miranda and Donny weren’t sure if it would even work. Christmas was fast approaching, and they wanted to be able to celebrate with a new addition to their family. They were keeping their fingers crossed.

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Several months after they filed for adoption, Miranda and Donny, as planned, went to Donny’s parents’ house for Christmas. But, when they showed up, Donny’s mother, Eva, had no idea that she would in for the surprise of her life!


What exactly happened when Eva finally saw her son and his wife for the holidays? Watch the emotional video below to see the pure joy wash over her face as she receives a gift that any parent would welcome with open arms!

The couple’s adoption of baby Melissa Faith (nicknamed Lily) was approved just before the holidays, so they kept her a secret for 10 whole days before making the big reveal. It’s safe to say that becoming a grandmother is the best Christmas gift Eva could have ever received!

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