Woman Whose Husband Was Killed Gets Shocking News From Doctors Just Months Later

When terrible things happen in life, it can feel like you'll never recover. Whether it affects you emotionally or physically, it can seem like you will forever be in a downward spiral, and there are times people never fully recover from such an incident.

You can also choose to do your best to find a silver lining through the heartbreak. It isn't always easy, and sometimes it feels downright impossible, but if you look hard enough, you'll see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Courtney Hill, an Illinois resident and mother of one, recently dealt with the devastating loss of her husband, Bryan. He was a loving father and soldier that served several tours in the Iraq war. He managed to retire unscathed, only to tragically lose his life in a fatal car accident soon after he returned home. Courtney was distraught, as was their young daughter, Reagan. She never thought life would be the same without him. That's when a routine trip to the doctor's office gave her some astounding news that pulled her out of the darkness.

Everyone goes through struggles throughout their lives. Sometimes, they can seem impossible to recover from. Whether life's tragedies affect you emotionally or physically, it can seem a daunting mission to overcome such heartbreak. But, as long as you try, you can usually find some sort of silver lining hidden behind the pain.
Courtney Hill, an Illinois resident and mother of one, knows all too well about heartbreak. Her husband, Bryan, was a soldier in the Iraq war who was killed in a fatal car accident soon after he returned home from his duties.
Bryan and Courtney had a young daughter, Reagan, who was also deeply affected by the loss. It felt as though things would never be the same again. It seemed a near impossible feat to pick up the pieces and continue with life as usual. But, a routine trip to the doctor may just have been what Courtney needed to give her the will to go on.
While Courtney was making arrangements for Bryan's funeral, she went to the doctor after she was feeling severe pain in her lower abdomen. She wasn't sure what was causing it and feared the worst. But, after she was examined, doctors told her that she was pregnant with triplets! Courtney was blown away by the news!