For most people, mirrors are an essential part of daily life, but when you take a moment to think about them, they’re actually pretty creepy. There’s something downright otherworldly about an object that allows you to see a perfect reflection of yourself, mimicking everything that you do.

Perhaps, creepiest of all, mirrors continue to reflect everything you do even when you’re not looking.

The following pictures prove that mirrors may take on a life of their own when we’re not paying attention, in the scariest possible way. If you didn’t have spectrophobia — or a fear of mirrors — before, you definitely will now…

1. Whatever you do, don’t turn around, because you’re in for a surprise that will continue to haunt you for the rest of your life! Not to mention, the reflection of the chair isn’t showing up in the mirror. What exactly is even going on here? She better get out of there fast!

2-spectrophobiaTC Universe

2. What I don’t understand is that this little girl is clearly standing still on the right, while her reflection is doing the complete opposite. Have you ever seen anything so happy and creepy at the same time? What is anyone supposed to think about such a conflicting photo?

3-spectrophobiaOur Sogo

3. One thing is for certain in this photograph: I’d be hiding under those covers if I were her, because there’s something creepy going on in that room and it can’t be explained. Those dolls in the corner are about two seconds away from spinning their heads around and saying something eerie.

4-spectrophobiaNova Ian

4. Wow, what a lovely couple. Here they are taking a nice picture of themselves to send to their friends and family but… oh wait! Forget that, they’re totally haunted. Look at the woman’s reflection in the window. Oh my, they better run for their lives as quick as possible!

5-spectrophobia4 BP

5. You know the saying “There’s more than meets the eye?” Don’t see anything wrong with this picture? Let’s just say that maybe you should try taking a glance to the right. You might just want to check all of your photographs to see if any spirits have shown up in the background.

6-spectrophobiaLink Da Pazzi

6. Aww, look. It’s a young girl playing a piano, she looks so happy. Take a look at the mirror, though! How in the world is she managing to look at you in both images? Get away from that mirror! There’s something going on and that piano isn’t safe anymore.

7-spectrophobiaKeep Busy

7. There are several factors that lead to this photograph being more eerie than you realize. First, the blueish tone is just creepy. Then you’ve got the girl looking both ways in the mirror. Finally, the girl in the background looks like she’s seen a ghost. That is just downright horrifying.

8-spectrophobiaStory Pick

8. At first, you might think that you’re looking at a pair of twins, but no, that’s a girl standing next to a mirror. How is it possible that she’s holding a phone in her reflection, though, but not in real life? So freaky. Who ever could’ve guessed that mirror ghosts took selfies?


9. There seems to be a running theme that your reflection likes to watch you as you walk away. You’ll never be able to tell, though, because when you turn back around, you’ll just be looking right at yourself. Let’s really hope that’s just trick photography at play.

10-spectrophobiaStatic Flickr

10. Well, this photograph is officially haunted. It’s as if the girls in the mirror don’t even see the little ghost girl standing right beside them. It begs the question, what’s creepier than a ghost? Well, you’ve got your answer now. A crying, little girl ghost is definitely scarier.


11. This might be the worst one. The girl who is having her photo taken seems so happy. Look in the mirror, though, that girl looks like she’s up to no good. Is that her evil twin or is there something that we’re just not seeing. Either way, that mirror is creepy.


If seeing the still photograph of the unassuming girl and her eerie, evil reflection wasn’t enough, then look at it in video form. It’s safe to say that this one is definitely scarier in this format. Did that little girl just turn into a demon right before your very eyes? Why yes, she did.

13-spectrophobiaDanilo Rodrigues / Youtube

12. This unassuming family is just trying to sit down and have a nice dinner together. Apparently they weren’t aware that they were having guests, though. There’s no plate, but look at the reflection! “Um…we didn’t actually invite Grandma over for our family dinner, did we?” 


Are these people looking in the mirror… or a gateway to another dimension!?

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