When you install security cameras outside your home, you can normally expect that the worst they’ll ever capture is your neighbor’s dog digging in your yard. Or, at least that’s what you hope is the worst they’ll ever capture.

One homeowner in Arizona, however, recently discovered something on his security cameras that he couldn’t explain. Just see for yourself.

He was just about to knock off for the evening when something triggered his motion sensors.

01-creepy-security-camera-footageMUFON / The Black Vault

When he checked what the cameras caught, this was all he saw.

02-creepy-security-camera-footageMUFON / The Black Vault

What on earth could that light be?

03-creepy-security-camera-footageMUFON / The Black Vault

He initially hoped it might have been a bug…

04-creepy-security-camera-footageMUFON / The Black Vault

But research suggested that a bug wouldn’t leave this kind of trail… or set off the motion sensor.

05-creepy-security-camera-footageMUFON / The Black Vault

Source: The Black Vault

What’s even worse, is that whatever-it-was came back for the next two nights in a row. So what the heck was it? I guess we’ll never know.

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