Kate Middleton’s Reaction To Tom Cruise’s Breach Of Royal Protocol Didn’t Go Unnoticed

Tom Cruise is regarded by many as the king of Hollywood. Yet when it comes to genuine royalty, he’s seemingly happy to be a loyal subject. Still, even an A-lister like Cruise, who’s used to brushing shoulders with the rich and powerful, can get it wrong from time to time. For example, he made headlines in 2022 by supposedly breaking royal protocol with Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, with one very simple gesture.

A major public event

The then-Duchess of Cambridge attended the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick at Leicester Square in London, together with husband Prince William. The belated movie sequel, viewed with skepticism by some, became a monster hit at the box office. It has made well over $1 billion against a budget of $170 million. Talk about an impressive take-off!

An invite from a megastar

It arguably didn’t need the royal seal of approval, but the royal couple’s decision to view the high-octane follow-up lent proceedings at the premiere an extra touch of class. After hearing about William’s love for the original Top Gun, its star invited them to the IMAX screening. Sophie Wessex, plus princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, also watched Cruise and company in action. 

So what did Cruise do?

Cruise felt comfortable enough to ask the royal couple along for the ride, but some commentators deemed him to be a little too comfortable. So when he decided to take Kate’s hand as she walked up the steps to Cineworld Leicester Square in her elegant dress, it surprised certain onlookers, journalists, and personalities who make their living commenting on royal goings-on. 

World-famous figures

The naturally exuberant star has drawn attention in the past, whether sofa jumping in a TV interview or performing his own death-defying stunts for the long-running Mission: Impossible film franchise. All of this brings us to a critical question: who was at the center of the spotlight here, Kate or Cruise? What happens when one of Hollywood’s defining stars interacts with a noble bloodline?