If You Have This Dog Toy Inside Your House, Stop Everything And Get Rid Of It Immediately.

We all love giving toys to our pets and watching them play around and have fun. But just as with toys for children, some dog toys can be extremely dangerous for our four-legged friend... and potentially even deadly.

That's what Jamie Stomp discovered when she gave her dog a "pimple ball." Little did she know that this tiny toy put her dog in terrible danger.

Jamie's Rottweiler, Maximus, was playing with this ball when he stuck his tongue inside it. The suction in the ball created a vacuum, trapping Maximus' tongue inside. This caused major damage to his' tongue.
Maximus remained brave as he was fighting for his life. Jamie begged people to support and pray for him while they tried to figure out a solution to her dog's suffering.
Veterinarian needed to remove a large amount of tissue to save Maximus, but the procedure itself was dangerous. Sadly, the odds were not in his favor, and he died the next day from his injuries.
This is not the first time a dog has been injured by this kind of toy. When a dog named Chai was seriously hurt, the manufacturer (Four Paws Inc.) removed the toy from shelves and never sold it again. The toy Maximus used is called "Beast," manufactured by the Kong toy company.