A Dashcam Captured The Crazy Moment Right Before This Plane Plummeted Into A River In Taiwan

The scenario is enough to give any sane person nightmare. After all, nobody would ever suspect that their seemingly ordinary commute along a busy highway would be interrupted by a horrific plane crash. But that’s exactly what happened to drivers in Taipei, Taiwan, in February 2015.

The day was, in fact, February 4, 2015, and drivers approaching Taipei’s Nanhu Bridge were steadily making their way through the city. But, just before 11:00 a.m., an event took place that would shock the world. And, incredibly, one driver’s dash-mounted camera would catch everything on film. Reviewing the footage filmed on the day, you can see a plane in the distance. It’s clearly losing altitude and narrowly misses a tower block.

As the film progresses, a distant airplane quickly becomes larger on the screen. Shockingly, it loses altitude quickly and narrowly misses a tower block. Then the twin-engine plane gets closer and closer to the oncoming traffic, and as it approaches the bridge, it banks to an unbelievable angle.

As the plane turns so that it is at a 90° angle to the ground, its left wing actually strikes the front of an unlucky taxi. Moments later, the wing hits a concrete rail at the edge of the bridge before the aircraft plummets into the Keelung River below. The whole astonishing scene is over in a matter of seconds.

Understandably, the car with the dash-mounted camera screeched to a halt to take in the devastation, which seemed minimal, given that an entire airplane had just crashed into a highway. However, the cab struck by the plane’s wing was damaged beyond repair.