While cute and cuddly animals don’t exactly need help winning our hearts, we think it’s safe to say that our obsession with them has become even stronger (if that’s possible!) since the invention of the internet. Seriously, who among us doesn’t follow a puppy or two on Instagram?

Yet fluffy doesn’t always mean friendly. Some adorable animals out there are actually deceptively fierce. Here are just a few that you may want to think twice about before you try and snuggle them!

1. Mute Swans


Though undoubtedly beautiful, anyone who’s ever gotten a little too close to a swan will tell you just how mean they are. They’ve been known to knock people out of kayaks and canoes, so it’s best to observe them from a distance.

2. Long-Tailed Weasels


Long-tailed weasels have been known to take down prey more than 10 times their size. What’s more, their uber-fast metabolism means they have to eat half their body weight every day.

3. Koalas


Like most of the animals on this list, koalas aren’t a danger to humans unless they feel threatened. Though, should that occur, these typically sleepy tree bears have teeth and claws that can pack some serious punch.

4. Red Foxes


The red fox likely isn’t going to kill any humans, and mostly tries to keep to itself, but their bite can be dangerous for another reason: they’ve been known to carry diseases.

5. Pandas


It’s not likely that we’ll run into a panda anytime soon, but be warned: despite their cuddly, vegetarian visage, they can be dangerous. They’re bears, after all! Like most wild animals that weigh 300 pounds or more, it’s better to just leave them alone.

6. Slow Lorises


Their eyes might be adorably pleading, but the aptly named slow loris can be dangerous. That’s because their elbows secrete a toxin that they will lick in order to make their bites venomous. This bite will only hurt those who are allergic to it, but it’s best not to find out.

7. Dingoes


Similar to coyotes, dingos might look like cute pups, but they are most certainly wild animals. In Australia, they’ve been known to occasionally maul children and pets.

8. Beavers


The beaver’s teeth, which help it chop down trees, can make a dangerous combination with their territorial nature. In fact, one man was even killed after a beaver bit him on the leg and punctured an artery.

9. Leopard Seals


Don’t let the smile fool you: the leopard seal is quite the predator. Their only known natural foe is the killer whale, and they’ve killed a few humans over the years, including one marine biologist.

10. Honey Badgers


The honey badger might not give a f%#k, but its powerful jaws have still been known to tear apart entire turtles — shell and all. Lions will even back away from these angry fellows.

11. Dolphins


Though they typically get alone quite swell with humans, dolphins are insanely efficient predators. In addition to sharks, they have been known to kill their own offspring as well as other animals… for fun.

12. Heck Cattle


Bred by the Nazis to try and bring back a species of cattle known as aurochs, heck cattle are, well… mean. As one might suspect of Nazi cows, they have been known to attack without any provocation.

13. Wolverines


Though they have not been known to attack humans, wolverines have reportedly tangled with moose. This has earned them the reputation as one of the most fearsome predators on the planet.

14. Chimpanzees


They’re typically docile, but chimps have occasionally attacked humans, usually those who are caring for them in close proximity. Their strength pound-for-pound is far superior to that of humans.

15. Elephants


Elephants are overwhelmingly peaceful creatures, but when you weigh a ton, you can do some serious damage. They can be territorial and protective of their herds and, since an elephant never forgets, there have been several reports of them taking revenge on humans who wronged them.

Who would have ever thought that friendly animals like dolphins would be so cruel? Just goes to show: wild animals are best left alone… unless you want to end up in one of these stories!

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