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The Surprising Reason This Deserted Fishing Village Has Been Taken Over By Nature

Human life has long since departed this place, as have all signs of industry. In this eerily quiet abandoned village, nothing moves – unless the wind blows it. As a result, greenery has spread across rooftops and pathways, even reclaiming empty houses once filled by families. The vegetation is so thick that open windows are often the only indications that people once lived there.

Mesmerizing images ahead

Some mesmerizing images have been captured of this Chinese former fishing village. The photographer who took the snaps is named Jane Qing, and her wonderful work was shared online in June 2015. Her pictures give the rest of us an idea of what our own hometowns and villages could look like if humans suddenly disappeared. Clearly, nature wouldn't hesitate to reclaim its space.

Where did everybody go?

Despite the ominous implications for mankind, though, these images are undeniably awesome. They represent a seamless blend of architecture and nature – yet they still beg an important question. As beautiful as the scenery is, why didn't anyone bother to tame the overgrowth long ago? And better yet, why were the buildings suddenly abandoned in the first place?

Complete seclusion

While the area seen in these shots is relatively remote, it’s not like the settlement is completely off the grid. It’s located on Gouqi Island, which is one of roughly 400 small pieces of land making up the Zhoushan archipelago. As a matter of fact, the abandoned village is actually only around 40 miles from Shanghai, China. It's habitable, but still secluded from more populated parts of the island.

The longest river in Asia

Gouqi is broadly situated where the Yangtze River flows into the East China Sea. The Yangtze is an important waterway, having played a vital role in China’s past and continues to do today. At around 3,900 miles, it’s the longest river in all of Asia. And because the river is so close to civilization, it's far from deserted.