There are few things more sophisticated than an elegant dining room table setting. But designer dinnerware can be outrageously expensive and not many of us have room in our budgets to splurge on fancy china, unfortunately.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to create your very own stylish dinner plates, customized to your taste and your wallet. In fact it’s so easy that when we first saw it, we thought someone was pulling a prank!

First, you need some fabric in a design of your choosing.


Any inexpensive fabric will do, like this fun cotton polka-dot pattern.


You’ll also need a special clear-drying glue called Mod Podge – available at any craft store – and a see-through glass plates or bowl.


Turn the plates upside down and use the mod podge to glue a square of fabric securely to the bottom of each plate. 


Use jars or small bowls to elevate the plates, and leave them to dry overnight.


Then, cut the excess fabric from around the edges, and turn your plates back over.


Voila! A complete set of beautiful, homemade dinnerware.


There’s one more step before you’re through: coat each plate with a clear sealer like the one below. This will ensure that your plates can be washed and reused over and over again.


If you have leftover fabric, you can even make a matching napkin ring to pull together your table’s chic new look!


With a little persistence and luck, you can usually find the pattern you’re looking for.


And soon, you have plates that are equally gorgeous, at a fraction of the price!


Best of all, you’ll never find anyone else with the same table setting, because this dinnerware is uniquely yours. We can’t wait to make our own!

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