Woman Turns Herself Into A 'Cyborg' To Fight Back Against Disney

Jennifer Tan was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Disney World — it was practically her second home. She lived just five minutes away from the Florida attraction, so whenever she had free time, she'd bop around using an all-in-one Disney MagicBand that offered loyal guests tons of perks — if you had it on your person. So when Jennifer had an accident with her band, she resorted to an extreme 'solution' to keep her perks that are leaving Disney fans divided

The Magic Of Disney

Are there really any theme parks in the world as magical as Disney World? Jennifer couldn't get enough of the incredible detail and effort that went into every single ride and attraction. She knew that Disney truly had something for everyone, though as she spent more time there, she did notice one harsh reality.

Disney's Harsh Reality

That reality was other visitors. A whole lot of them. One thing you won't see in a television commercial is an exhausted parent trying to maneuver through packed waves of other exhausted parents. Jen realized the Disney experience wasn't always filled to the brim with smiles. Luckily, the parks do have ways to help with the chaotic crowds.

Skipping The Line

One of them was the use of nifty FastPass tickets available to any paying guest. Essentially, she grabbed a ticket with a specific timeslot printed on it, and when she arrived to the attraction at that time, she could skip waiting in a long line and head right to the front. But, in recent years, Disney created something even better for loyal visitors.

MagicBands To The Rescue

They're called MagicBands, and they offer a whole lot more than just your regular FastPass. These microchipped wrist accessories not only act as their own FastPass, but guests can also use them to purchase food and drink, buy souvenirs, unlock hotel rooms, board hotel-airport shuttles, and scroll through photos taken by in-park cameras.