There’s nothing better than the feeling of pride you get when you look at your yard and see a well-landscaped, well-decorated piece of property,  but sometimes that can be difficult to achieve without spending lots of money.

Luckily, there are some wonderful DIY projects that can completely transform your yard. Take, for instance, these homemade birdbaths you can make out of repurposed items that you may already have around the house!

1. Casserole dish lids: Often, the glass lids that go on top of casserole dishes will outlast the dishes themselves, so it’s very easy to end up amassing lots of stray lids. Simply flip the lid, hang it outside using some sturdy chains, and fill it with water for a quick and easy birdbath!

bath-2Sadie Season Goods

2. CD mosaic: Any dish or bowl can be turned into an eye-popping birdbath by simply slicing up some old CDs with an Exacto knife and gluing them shiny-side-up on the surface of the bowl. This is an especially great tactic for rehabilitating worn or broken birdbath basins you might already own!

bath-3Me and My DIY

3. Old lamps: If you have the basin covered but are in need of a good stand for your DIY birdbath, consider fashioning one out of an old standing lamp base with the electrical fixture at the top removed! They’re easy to find at the Salvation Army or other thrift stores and will give you birdbath a cool vintage look.

bath-4Chic Cottage Junk

4. Wooden bowls: If you like a birdbath with a rustic look, consider fashioning one out of a simple wooden bowl that will blend in nicely with the plants in your yard or garden. For an even more natural look, fashion a stand for it out of tree branches that have fallen!

bath-5The Art of Doing Stuff

5. Terracotta pots: Another fun idea is to take terracotta or clay pots and stack them into a birdbath. The benefit of this project is that your new bath will match your other yard or garden decor!

bath-6Thrifty Fun

Repurposing is always a great idea…and there’s no end to the possibilities!

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