With Fall just around the corner, it’s hard not to start getting excited. From the beautiful foliage to the delicious apple cider, autumn is definitely one of the best seasons!

Along with all of the fun seasonal activities, of course, come new DIY ideas for Fall. This creation is guaranteed to be first on your list, and it’s so easy, you can make it with a simple plastic dollar-store pumpkin!

It may not be Halloween just yet, but once you see the finished product, you’ll wish that it were!

To begin, purchase a couple of plastic pumpkins from the local dollar store.


Next, gather up a smattering of concrete mix and peat moss.


Mix two cups of concrete to one cup of peat moss and perlite. Then, add a little orange dye to the mix so the pumpkins would have an extra seasonal flair.


Before putting the mix into her pumpkins, cover the tiny hole in the bottom and coated the inside with cooking spray. Then, it’s time to fill them!


When you finish filling the pumpkins to the brim, place a railroad spike in the top of each to create a stem.


After leaving the mold to dry for a few days, use a utility knife to slice the pumpkin open…


…to reveal the beautiful fall creation inside!


Talk about getting in the spirit!


We are so doing this project this fall! Who doesn’t think their house would look awesome with a pair of concrete pumpkins on the porch? Plus, you can save them and bust them out every year.

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