Woman Creates A Masterpiece Out Of A Broken Birdbath And Old DVDs

Who doesn't love making crafts? Whether it's creating things for yourself or for the people in your life, nothing will make you happier than hunkering down over your latest DIY project. Sometimes these projects are mostly utilitarian. Sometimes they're all about aesthetics. But every now and then, they're about both!

When a woman named Debbie found an old—but very cool—birdbath at a local yard sale, she couldn't have been happier! It would make for the perfect addition to her garden. But it was in pretty rough shape. That's when she had a brilliant idea to totally transform it...

A woman named Debbie was at a local yard sale when she noticed this birdbath. She loved it, but it was nearly cracked in half. That's when she had a curious thought: rather than turn it down, she could give it new life. How she did that, however, was a little unusual.
The first thing Debbie needed to do was to glue it back together. Once that was done the birdbath could actually support the birds who'd be dipping their feet into it! But glue was only the beginning; it's what Debbie did afterward that was pretty out there!
Debbie purchased a waterproofing bonding agent that would assure the birdbath wouldn't leak. More than that, though, she needed to make sure the surface was perfect, as she had a great idea for revamping the birdbath that she was sure no one had thought of before...
Using her new waterproofing agent, Debbie set to work giving the birdbath a facelift. She soon realized the stuff was super effective, and it was completely natural, too, so the birds could enjoy their baths safely. Not too bad, huh?