Spring is almost upon us, and as the weather gets warmer and leaves grow greener, it’s time to start thinking about what sort of new ideas will brighten our homes. So in the spirit of the season, there’s no better place to welcome the vernal equinox than in the garden.

But we’re not talking about just throwing some soil and seeds in a clay pot and waiting for a flower to bloom. As it turns out, the very best way to bring Springtime to your home is with your very own “flower tower.” And when you see what these things look like, we guarantee that you’ll want one for yourself!

To make your own DIY flower tower, you’ll need flower pots, soil and manure, wire fencing for the tower, corrugated pipe, brown tarp—and, of course, the flowers of your choosing.


First, cut the fencing to fit into your flower pot. This will be the tower base.


Next, take the corrugated pipe and seal it at one end with tape.


Then place the pipe inside your tower.


Optionally, you can add a little bit of gravel to the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.


Now cut your brown tarp to size and place on the inside of the tower. Fasten it with ties, then start filling with dirt!


A mixture of potting soil, black soil, and manure is a great way to make a hearty base for your future flowers.


Make sure the soil is packed lightly to prevent it from settling too much after you begin to water it.

When planting the flowers, make a horizontal slice—followed by a crisscrossing vertical slice—everywhere you plan to put a flower.


It doesn’t hurt to make sure that you poke a hole in the corrugated pipe when you’re cutting the tarp to ensure that each flower gets enough water.

When you’re done, it should look something like this. Don’t worry, the flowers will grow quickly…


…and give you a beautiful flower tower!


Once you have your tower (or towers) constructed, it’s best to fill the pipe in the middle every 3 or 4 days. From there, you just sit back and enjoy your gorgeous spring weather!

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