Sometimes, luxury can be as simple as making the most out of your backyard. Be it a pool or regular tool shed, there’s nothing like knowing you’re putting that space to good use. But what if you could be doing even more with it without even realizing it?

Check out what Torii Cinema Company did with this seemingly ordinary little shed!

Every good idea starts with a plan.

01-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

 They then put together the frame for the shed.

02-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

It’s looks just like a little tool shed, only it’s so much better.

03-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

It was then time to put the rafters in.

04-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

Some fun track lighting… this is getting interesting.

05-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

Now, things are really starting to come together.

06-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinam Co.

The outside sure looks nice, but the inside…

07-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.


08-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

This looks incredible!

09-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

There’s even a fully-stocked candy bar.

11-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

And a whole library of movies.

12-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

I wonder how much they charge for tickets!

10-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

The velvet seats are a really nice touch. If I had this in my backyard, I don’t know if I’d ever leave. What an awesome idea!

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