Decorating the kid’s room can be an expensive job. From cribs to the play area to all of the toys and stuffed animals—heck, even the paint!—it’ll add up.

That’s why fun and stylish accessories that can be done the DIY way are just that little bit more awesome. Enter the DIY pom-pom rug, a fluffy (and easy-to-make) centerpiece for any child’s room, courtesy of Say Yes. It’s great to look at, and if you have a little one who’s learning to crawl, it’s the perfect surface to keep those knees scratch-free! Here’s how it’s made…

For supplies, you’ll need wool yarn of various sizes and colors, depending on your preferences; two toilet paper rolls; scissors; and a non-stick rug mat.

02-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

To begin, place your fingers in the rolls and start wrapping the yarn around both.

03-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Keep that up until you have something about this size (below). The pom-poms can be different sizes, so don’t stress over that detail too much.

04-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Cut another piece of yarn and weave it between the toilet paper rolls.

05-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Tie it once and slip out the rolls.

06-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Now, tighten the bow you’ve just made and tie a knot. Make sure to leave the strands long—you’ll need them later.

07-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Now, start snipping the pom-poms through the side, like so. Trim as much as you see fit.

08-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Start laying them out on your mat to see if you need to make more. Make enough so you can place them tightly together.

09-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

Remember how we kept those strings long? Use them to tie your pom-poms through the mat.

10-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

And that’s essentially all there is! Voila!

11-diy-pom-pom-rugSay Yes

That’s a fairly simple way to tie any room together, and you could make it with your child’s favorite colors as well. What an awesome idea!

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