Trampolines are a staple of many families backyard. Any parent with one knows that their kids get endless hours of fun and exercise while bouncing to their hearts’ content. But after the kids have grown up, what can we do with the leftover trampoline?

Here are 15 awesome ways to repurpose your old or broken trampolines instead of throwing them away. After all, they’re not just for kids!

These crafts require you to take the old trampoline apart. Before you do so, be sure that you really want to get rid of it!

1-old-trampolineMaggie McAra

1. Make an elevated garden to keep your flowers away from animals.


2. Transform it into a fun little hideout for the kiddies.


3. Remove the base and use it as a frame for a massive holiday wreath.

4-old-trampolineJoyce McCool

4. Flip it upside-down and grow a vegetable garden. The mesh keeps weeds out, while the legs act as supports for fencing to prevent animal intruders from munching on your greens.

5-old-trampolineHeather H

5. Turn it into an instant umbrella to give your patio some shade!


6. Prop it up against a tree and use it as an outdoor movie screen.


7. With some cushions, strong rope, and lush linens, you can also turn it into a backyard cabana.

8-old-trampolineFloating Bed

8. Turn your trampoline into an outdoor tent. Your kids and their friends can now go camping right in the backyard!

9-old-trampolineEdward Martin

9. It’s sort of like a hammock, teepee, and tent all in one.


10. How about this trampoline-turned-lounger?11-old-trampoline

11. Who needs a tire swing when you have a trampoline swing?


12. Trampolines make for an awesome goal post for soccer practice. Just cut it in half and anchor it into the ground on its side.

13-old-trampolineJason Ruediger

13. A trampoline frame and plenty of flowers can make for a lovely archway.


14. This chicken coop keeps would-be predators out while keeping the chickens in. Genius!

15-old-trampolineWonderful DIY

15. Can you imagine enjoying your morning coffee and a good book under this gorgeous ivy-lined archway?


We can’t decide which one of these we’d want to make, but one thing’s for sure: with so many options, we’re tempted to buy a new trampoline just for these DIY projects!

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