Husky Demands Nonstop Belly Rubs From Her Owner In The Most Hilarious Way

As pet owners, we know that there's nothing better than cuddling up with our furry friends to show we care. All our pets need is a nice head pat, back scratch, or tummy rub to know just how much we're there for them.

Sometimes, though, our pets can ask for a bit too much of our attention. Since our animals cannot speak, they have some pretty funny ways of letting us know exactly what they want.

When this man was petting his pooch, he decided to take a break for a bit and watch some TV. That's when he learned the hard way that a dog owner's work is never done!

This husky loves getting belly rubs from his owner. It doesn't happen too often since he's not really supposed to be sleeping on the couch. Look at the face, you can tell he's seeing how long he'll keep getting the good stuff...
After a couple of seconds he can't help himself. He gives into the relaxing cuddles and totally spaces out. If you looked up "contented dog" in the dictionary there would definitely be a picture of this husky sweetie!
When this happy husky's owner tried to take his hand away and continue on with his own business, this dog made it clear that it had other plans. This dog, not usually a biter, gently used his mouth to show his owner that he meant business.
When it comes to getting the belly cuddles that this dog craves there is no line he won't cross! To watch this stubborn husky in action and to find out what his owner finally does you need to watch the entire video below!