Police Officer Is In Hot Water After Busting Someone For Meth, Only To Discover It Was Doughnuts

It's a fact of life that everyone, at one point or another, will make some mistakes. Taking missteps, owning up to them, and facing the consequences is all just a part of the usual learning process after all. What's not so common, though, is when someone else's mistake leads you to being placed in handcuffs!

Crazy as it may be, that's precisely what happened to poor Dan Rushing in Orlando, Florida last summer. While driving along the highway, he was pulled over for speeding. In the process of checking his information, the officers spotted a mysterious substance on the driver's side floor, just beneath Dan's feet.

What did they believe they'd found? Meth, of course. What did they actually find? Well...

When police officers in Orlando, Florida pulled over Dan Rushing for speeding and spotted this substance on the floor of his car, they'd thought they'd found something serious.
Specifically, they believed they substance was methamphetamine, and began handcuffing Dan, despite his protestations.
Eventually, it was revealed that the substance wasn't meth. It was doughnut.