Angry Birds were once all the rage, but chances are you’ve never heard of drunk birds! Well, consider yourself lucky, because no one wants to come face to face with a giant winged creature that’s been hitting the sauce a little too hard.

In Austria, a huge flock of starlings stumbled upon some fermented berries and thought they’d make a good dinner. When the birds took flight, though, their intoxicated antics scared the heck out of all the drivers on the highway below…

People driving on a highway in Austria experienced a major traffic jam after a number of flying birds fell onto the moving vehicles below them.

drunk-birds-1Flickr/Cheryl Rose

The flock of starlings had unknowingly eaten fermented berries, which caused them to become drunk!


They began crashing into cars and nosediving onto the pavement…

drunk-birds-2Flickr/Dave Chapman

…which caused a major traffic jam up and down the highway.

drunk-birds-5Flickr/Chris Hall

Apparently, the berries are a common food for the birds, although such a drastic effect is rare. “Most birds likely just get a bit tipsy,” Meghan Larivee, a scientist with Canada’s Environment Yukon, told National Geographic. “However, every now and then, some birds just overdo it.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 12.15.50 PMFlickr

Who knew that birds could get drunk? Let this be a lesson to humans and animals alike: please drink responsibly!

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