When The Owners Of This Home Saw What Their Contractor Had Done, They Lost Their Minds.

When it comes to beautiful homes, it's generally the architects who get the credit. Most people think that the contractors are only there to carry out the creative vision. Don't tell that to this guy, though!

Bernie Mitchell is a contractor in Ontario, Canada, and while he works primarily with drywall, he doesn't see it as grunt work. For him, it's a an art form.

Bernie Mitchell of Ontario, Canada is a proud father, grandfather, and an expert drywall contractor.
But he's not your average construction worker. Bernie turns every wall he touches into a work of art.
Using palate brushes, chisels, and anything he can find, Bernie forms the putty-like drywall into stunning reliefs inspired by the nature that surrounds him.
His preferred subject are the birds local to his neck of the woods.