This Duck Dynasty Star Shaved His Beard Off For Charity, And Now He’s Barely Recognizable

Duck Dynasty, it’s fair to say, has been a bona fide TV hit. Indeed, the Robertson clan have charmed millions of viewers around the world as the saga of their duck-hunting apparel empire unfolded across the show’s 11 seasons.

And, in the process, many male members of the Robertson family have become known for sporting some impressive facial fuzz. In fact, the very idea that any of them would even consider going clean-shaven seems unlikely. But that’s just what Jase Robertson did in September 2017.

Jase is the second oldest of patriarch Phil Robertson’s sons and the current COO of the family company Duck Commander. He spends most of his time creating the duck calls that are the firm’s stock-in-trade and often acted as the comic relief of Duck Dynasty.

Furthermore, Jase sports perhaps the most impressive chin warmer of all the Duck Dynasty brothers. So, it might come as somewhat of a surprise that he decided to shave it off. He did just that, though, for a very special cause. And to say that he looked different afterwards would be a stark understatement.

Specifically, Jase’s drastic makeover was organized through a charity that he helped set up himself. That’s the Mia Moo Fund, founded by Jase and his wife Missy in support of their 14-year-old daughter Mia.