Even in the age of modern medicine, it can be incredibly difficult to find satisfying relief from a nagging earache. This particular pain can be pretty horrible, especially for children prone to constant ear infections.

But there’s one simple remedy that can make those earaches less painful… and it’s sitting right in your sock drawer.

This simple treatment is perfectly natural, and you probably already have the materials in your house.


Start with just a single plain white sock.


Then get one to one-and-a-half cups of coarse Epsom salt, or just enough to fill the part of the sock where the foot would normally go.


Epson salt has been a natural remedy for aches and pains for ages.

Carefully pour the salt into the opening of the sock. 


It’s important to use coarse salt, because smaller granules may slip through the fabric. You also may want to consider using a wide-mouth funnel to prevent spilling any salt.

Tie the “neck” of the sock once or twice to prevent messes.


Set a skillet to medium-low heat, put the salt-filled sock on top, and flip it back and forth until the salt is warm (but not hot).


It’s important to use a plain white sock because other colors can burn more easily.

Give the warm sock to your ailing family member and have them press it against their aching ear. The pain should gradually decrease.


The salt is reusable, so even though the sock might become worn over time, you could always just pour the salt into another sock.

Remember: earache could be a symptom of an ear infection, and so going to the doctor is highly recommended. But at the same time, this quirky method offers excellent temporary relief, and it’s guaranteed to get you on a pain-free road to recovery.

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