Why London’s Most Stunning Mansion Hasn’t Been Lived In Since 1895

London is a city filled with incredible history. Each building has seen many lives, as have the generations living within. It's hard to track down what exactly those walls have seen, though, since all evidence tends leaves with its inhabitants.

By chance, there is one building that has remained a time capsule of the ages. Its architectural bones that were created over a hundred years ago are still intact, giving us a once-in-a-lifetime peek into a world from long, long ago...

Below is the Malplaquet House, one of the oldest mansions in London. It has been uninhabited since 1895, but that doesn't mean the inside of this beautiful structure is lifeless.
The mansion is tucked away on a quiet street in the Mile End neighborhood of East London, one of the earliest suburban areas established there.
Brick walls and iron railings protect this house that's stood the test of time. Upon viewing the outside, it is evidently a striking example of mid-18th-century architecture.
After undergoing a recent restoration, the mansion was returned to its former glory. Now, it acts as a treasure-trove of historic objects and details.