It’s funny (in a gee-whiz kind of way) to realize that some of the household items we use every day have more than one purpose. We use everything for a reason, but often without stopping to think about the other ways these ordinary objects can work to our advantage.

Truth be told, there’s at least one item in your house that could be twice as useful as it is now. You just didn’t know it! So take a look at the following list and gain a whole new perspective…then, start making your life a little easier with these 20 tricks!

1. The flaps on each side of a juice box may seem useless, but they come in very handy for parents with small children. Have kids hold the box by the flaps. This way they won’t accidentally squeeze the juice all over the new rug.

2. Yes, there’s a reason behind the big hole in the middle of pasta spoons! If you fill it with uncooked spaghetti you’ll have just enough for a meal. Use it to make sure you get the perfect portion every time you cook.

3. While we’re on the topic of holes in kitchenware, let’s talk about the hole at the end of most frying pan handles. You can insert your dirty spoon or spatula into it to keep your counter clean and your kitchen organized.

4. Eating your Chinese food out of a small, tall, cardboard box can be a little annoying. Instead, simply unfold the sides of the box out to a plate and enjoy an easy dinner!

5. While most people believe the drawer at the bottom of an oven is only for storing pans, it also functions as a place to keep side dishes warm while you wait for other courses to cook.

6. The little arrow next to the gas pump symbol on your fuel gauge is not there to make your car look pretty. It indicates which side of the car your fuel cap is on. For this car, the cap’s on the right!

7. Even though most gas caps are attached to your car, it’s not the best policy to just let it dangle while you pump. Luckily, your fuel door includes a holder for your cap. Pump and drive like a professional.

8. Your keyboard has little bumps on its F and J keys. They may have even gone unnoticed by you until this very moment, but it’s good to keep them in mind because these bumps are where your fingers should rest as you type!

9. Whether your cart is full and you’d like to keep delicate groceries separated, or you already have a few groceries that you’ve purchased from another store, these hooks can provide an overlooked helping hand.

10. Ever wondered why you get a little piece of fabric with some of the clothes you buy? They’re for tossing into the wash as a test to see which detergent, softener, and settings work best before you throw in the real deal.

11. An easy way to share just one TicTac? Use the built in dispenser that comes attached to every lid! It perfectly portions out a mini mint so that you can share and still have plenty left to spare. 

12. If you have a backpack with one of these diamond shaped patches, use it to hang any extra items that don’t fit inside like shoes a hat or whatever else you happen to be carrying. 

13.  Don’t create more garbage by using two ketchup cups at the fast food joint. Just pull on the sides of the cup to expand it; fit twice as much ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce or whatever else you crave.

14. In a rush and need that ketchup to go? Grab an extra cup lid turn it upside down and create a perfect bowl to dip your fries while you drive. Now nothing stands between you and tasty fries! 

15.  Heinz ketchup bottles usually feature a raised number 57 on the glass which symbolizes their 57 varieties. It also indicates where you should tap in order to get that stubborn sauce moving. 

16. Would you like a can of soda after all that salty fast food? Stick your straw in the soda tab’s hole and it will stay put so that you can savor every last drop of your favorite beverage. 

17. Aluminum foil is tricky to section cleanly. However, if you pop in the sides of the box with the roll inside it will stay in place no matter how many sheets you need to tear. 

18. Stop throwing away nail files when they lose their ruggedness! If you look closely, you’ll notice you can actually peel off the layer you’ve already used to reveal a fresh one. 

19. A pudding or yogurt cup lid can make for a reasonably good spoon in a pinch. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than using your finger or nosediving straight into that chocolate-filled goodness.

20. Because the end on the jagged side sticks out upwards a bit, people assume it faces out but the bumps on that side will actually keep your hair in place much easier if it’s facing down! Let every day be a good hair day from now on.