Everyone is always looking for more efficient ways to do things, which is totally understandable! After all, who couldn’t stand to learn a few ways to save time in their busy day?

Well, it turns out that, when it comes to using everyday items, you might just be your own worst enemy. From slicing bread to squeezing that last drop of toothpaste from the tube, there’s always a more efficient ways to get it done.

So, without further ado, here are 28 everything things you’ve been doing wrong your entire life…

1. Slicing bread: Chances are, if you’ve ever attempted to slice your own bread, you’ve either completely obliterated the loaf or your slices weren’t very uniform. Next time, just flip it over to the flat side, and you’ll instantly see how much easier it is to slice.

2. Eating Oreos: Most of us prefer to eat milk’s favorite cookie by—you guessed it!—dunking the Oreo into a glass of fresh milk. Unfortunately, many glasses aren’t built to accommodate our hands, and our fingers get wet. To fix that, try sticking a fork into the white cream center and dipping it that way. Voila!

3. Waiting in line: No one likes standing in long lines at the DMV, a restaurant, or at an amusement park. It turns out that the “Caribbean style” of waiting in line is a lot easier. Simply put your shoes where you would stand and grab a seat while you wait.

4. Removing your shirt: Most people take off their shirts the old-fashioned way: by grabbing the bottom and pulling it over their heads. However, as demonstrated by this man below, there’s a much more efficient way of removing one’s shirt. Easy enough, right?

5. Removing old fabric from your clothes and couches: If you’re still using a lint roller to pick off all of those little dangling threads from your clothes and couch cushions, try again. Next time, use a razor, and watch as it instantly becomes cleaner!

6. Drinking soda from a can: At some point or other, everyone has had the annoyance of trying to get a straw to sit still in a can of soda. Those pesky bubbles just make it float out of the can! Thankfully, each can has a built-in straw holder. Simply turn the tab and slide the straw through!

7. Wearing your earphones: You’ve probably seen at least one person who wraps their earbuds above their ear and down into the ear itself. That’s because it helps hold them in place so they won’t slip around when you’re listening to your favorite music!

8. Scribbling out old information: Going through old notebooks from high school, you probably see that even the words you once scribbled out are still legible. Next time, try writing a series of other letters above the words; it makes reading them practically impossible.

9. Connecting cords in your home: You may have noticed that the last time you plugged something into an extension cord, it ripped right out. Try tying a small knot with the cords next time. That way, they’ll never disconnect again.

10. Quickly cooling a beverage in the freezer: Instead of just throwing a bottle of soda in the freezer to cool down, try soaking a paper towel with water and wrapping it around the bottle. Just watch as it gets icy cold in mere minutes!

11. Using a plunger: You might not realize it, but there are actually two types of plungers. The one on the left is a flange plunger and should be used to unclog toilets. The one on the right is a cup plunger, and it’s only supposed to be used on clogged sinks and bathtub drains. The more you know!

12. Storing groceries in the cart: If you’ve ever noticed the raised ring hooks in a grocery cart, they’re there for a reason. They’re placed like that so you can hook the plastic bags around them to save space when you’re packing up to head home.

13. Peeling bananas: Instead of cracking the stem and peeling down like you normally would, you should be pinching the opposite end. Not only is it easier, but it’s also the way gorillas and monkeys peel them in the wild!

14. Placing cheese on a sandwich: Anyone who’s ever eaten a sandwich knows how annoying it is to eat those corner pieces that are all bread. Well, save yourself those bad bites by slicing the meat in half and stacking them so the straight edges align with the edges of the bread.

15. Sitting on the toilet while you go number two: While it’s understood that the majority of the population sits in a regular-seated position while using the restroom, some people believe that squatting above the bowl is better for your bowels! Just don’t lose your balance.

16. Using tinfoil: No one likes having to wrap their leftovers, so they tend to do it super quickly and inefficiently. Often, the roll slides out, and you have to keep fitting it back inside the box. Next time, try using the “press here to lock roll” function on the side of the box and watch how much easier it is to preserve your famous meatloaf!

17. Playing Monopoly: There’s no denying that a game of Monopoly has a way of taking forever to finish, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When a player decides not to purchase a property they landed on, the other players are supposed to have the option to buy it, too. Give it a shot and you’ll finish in no time.

18. Your bathroom mirror: If you’re the type of person who likes to leave notes for themselves all around the house, try utilizing your bathroom mirror as a dry erase board! It seriously works! When you go to brush your teeth and comb your hair, you’ll see your plans and won’t forget.

19. Using toothpaste: If you’re one of those people who thinks rolling up the tube of toothpaste to get every last minty drop is the most efficient method, you’re wrong! Next time, try using a bobby pin to gently guide it through the tube.

20. Slicing and eating oranges: One of the common troubles of eating this delicious citrus fruit is getting all the pulp and juice all over your hands. Well, if you watch the demonstration below, you’ll never have to suffer through that again.

21. Heating up leftovers: There’s nothing worse than having to wait for one bowl of food to heat up in the microwave, only to have to put another in moments later. Now you can heat two bowls simultaneously if you perch one atop a mug!

22. Holding large slices of floppy pizza: If you’re like most people, you probably just shovel the pizza directly into your face. Well, it turns out, if you give it a slight fold in the center near the crust, it will be much easier to eat.

23. Buying chip clips: You’ve undoubtedly had to fold a bag of chips to keep them fresh at some point all because you didn’t have a handy chip clip. Next time, try removing the clothing clips from an extra hanger, which work great as chip clips!

24. Reheating leftover meals: There are few things more frustrating than the way a microwave unevenly reheats your cold food. Try making a circle in the middle of the food and you’ll instantly realize how much more efficiently it reheats.

25. Removing bags from a trash can: As if taking out the garbage wasn’t annoying enough, getting the bag itself out of the trash can is always harder than it should be. Try drilling two holes near the bottom, which will remove all of the suction that usually makes it more difficult to remove.

26. The airplane seat back: You know that little hook that usually keeps the food tray in place on airplanes? Well, take a closer look the next time you’re flying. That little hook is also where you can stow your jackets and coats.

27. Wearing bobby pins: This might come as a surprise to you, but there’s actually a right and wrong way to use a bobby pin. If you have the bumpy edge facing up, that’s wrong! Instead, face the bumpy edge down toward your scalp, as this will help it to move around far less.

28. Doing push-ups: When it comes to working out, the push-up might be the most frequently performed exercise that we all mess up. Instead of sticking your butt high in the air, keep a flat back and core with your arms in tight and close to your sides.

Well, it looks like there really is a better way to use everyday things! Which of these hacks would you try?

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