Life is full of all sorts of close calls that we might never even realize. Who knows how many times each day we are mere feet from danger and don’t even notice it? Thankfully, most of the time, we escape potentially sticky situations unscathed.

Few of us, however, have ever survived anything remotely as nail-bitingly close as what these folks experienced. There are close calls, and then there’s being millimeters from certain doom.

These 13 people somehow miraculously came away unharmed from potentially deadly scenarios. When you see them, you’ll be counting your lucky stars just in case you end up in a similar situation!

1. This “ax through the windshield” scenario took place on southbound I-95 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The ax flew off a contractor’s truck after it wasn’t properly secured. Yikes!


2. Phew! This one isn’t just close, it’s downright nuts! It looks like it could be a scene from the new Fate of the Furious movie. Is this actually some sort of stunt? It’s that crazy.


3. “Oh, that’s a nice demolition going on there. Sure would be a shame if something came flying out of the rubble straight toward my face, but there is just no way that—WHOA!”


4. Just casually videotaping a passing train with your back turned to the other track? Sounds like a plan that has an absolutely 100% chance of success. No risks here at all, bud.


5. You wouldn’t know it, but this car actually has a forcefield around it. That is the only logical explanation for this sort of tomfoolery. Where can we purchase this technology?


6. Is this a theme? This car owner, who in 2013 appears to have already cheated the god of bad luck in Brooklyn, New York, should be counting their lucky stars. The tree looks like it bent to avoid the car!


7. “Oh, look! An enormous crocodile swimming toward me. Let me just lean over the edge of the boat, toward its open mouth. There is literally nothing that could go wrong with this plan.”


This close call happened in Australia. The man who narrowly avoided becoming this crocodile’s lunch, Novon Mashiah, clearly misjudged how quickly those modern dinosaurs can strike.


8. This is one of those situations where it’s hard to imagine how exactly this happened. Still, the driver is lucky to have defied gravity and landed his car on this small rail. Not something you see everyday!


9. People aren’t the only ones who can have close calls! This deer evidently misjudged the amount of time she had to cross the road and very nearly paid for it with her life. Amazingly, she made it in the nick of time… and in style.


10. This man was amazingly able to survive a collision on Oregon’s I-84 that resulted in him being trapped between two semi trucks. “I [had] a bruised eye and a couple little cuts on my hand and nothing else,” the man said.


11. This skier managed to leap to safety just before an avalanche came crashing past him. The entire video is truly remarkable. Not often do people escape certain death so narrowly.


12. This might not have killed the person (unless they failed to get a tetanus shot!), but it’s still a mighty close call. That could have been a lot more painful—and a lot bloodier! Phew!


13. If this sinkhole, which opened up in China in June of 2010, had been just an inch or two bigger, this driver wouldn’t have been able to teeter on the edge of it. It was this close to being a tragedy!


Those were so close, we wouldn’t blame you if your palms got a little sweaty just thinking about them. Maybe we all need to be a little more careful… or we could just pray we’re this lucky one day!

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