Eye-Opening Charts That Change The Way We See The World

Did you realize that, according to science, there’s a high chance you’ve been eating bananas wrong this whole time? And were you aware that some of your strongest passwords could take around a quintillion years to crack? If that’s left you stunned, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve compiled several more charts right here that could offer you a fresh perspective on things. Heck, they may very well make you look at the world completely differently! So strap in, folks.

1. It’s not all black and white...

Here’s something to remember, people: just because someone’s color blind, that doesn’t mean they can only see through a monochromatic filter. Instead, their condition just gives them a “narrower perception” of certain shades. And it also depends on the type of condition they have. Struggling to picture it? This cool chart should help. Fun fact: a person with perfect vision can spot around a million different color tints, but for an individual with color blindness, that number drops down to roughly 10,000. Interesting stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

2. The most popular surnames by state

Now, here’s some truly indispensable information: the most common surnames by state. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures from 2010, California has a lot of Garcias. Johnsons overwhelm all-comers in the north, while Martinez is favored in New Mexico. Overall, though, Smith is top by a wide margin. Amazingly, the census recorded more than 2.4 million Smiths in the U.S.

3. A baby’s perspective

Most of us don’t have memories of being a baby. After all, an average adult’s recollection only goes back as far as when they were three years old. So, this chart gives you the chance to see the world through a baby’s eyes as they develop! Nope, a child doesn’t have perfect vision for the first few months of their lives. Yet there’s no need to visit the opticians for a pair of mini glasses. It improves over time and is said to be fully formed by their third birthday.

4. Really fast food

The next time you’re in a rush for some drive-thru fast food, you might want to refer back to this eye-opening chart. At a little over four minutes (according to this data from 2021), Taco Bell won’t leave you hanging for too long after placing your order. The same can’t be said for Chick-fil-A, but there may be a reason for that. As per research conducted by QSR in 2021, that restaurant boasted the “biggest drive-thru order accuracy.” As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait.