When Tara Taylor recently posted this photo of her three-year-old daughter Rylee on Facebook, her friends immediately knew something wasn’t right. While most people would assume the glow in her left eye was a just a result of less than optimal photography, some of Tara’s friends thankfully knew better.


“They said: ‘Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s probably the lighting, but your daughter’s eye is glowing and you might want to have it checked out because it’s a sign there could be an issue with her eye,’” Tara told Memphis news outlet WREG.

Tara took Rylee to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with retinal telangiectasis, a very rare disorder that can cause partial loss of vision or complete blindness in one or both eyes. When discovered early enough, the condition can be prevented – but the trouble with this disorder is that it’s extremely difficult to spot its symptoms – and so the often very young individual isn’t aware of what’s happening until it’s too late. In fact, one of the only early warning sign is a yellow glowing eye in flash photography.

Thankfully, Rylee will be able to receive the proper medical attention and necessary treatment to prevent any loss of vision – thanks to her mom’s quick-acting friends on Facebook.

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