Redheads get a a lot of grief. Or, at least, they seem to be the butt of quite a few jokes. But this is silly because redheads are super cool. To truly understand just how cool they are, you should learn a little more about our ginger brethren.

1. Not All Redheads Have Blue Eyes


The actual most common eye color for redheads is brown, whereas the blue and red combination is actually rather rare.

2. They’re Mutants!


The recessive gene that is responsible for the red hair, MC1R, is a genetic mutation.

3. Redheads Don’t Necessarily Have Flowing Locks


Redheads actually have less hair, on average, than brunettes or blondes. Brunettes average 140,000 strands of hair, blondes average 110,000 and redheads average about 90,000. Though, often redheads have thicker and coarser strands of hair that make it seem more full.

4. They’re Pretty Rare


In today’s world, only about 2% of people are redheaded. That’s actually a lot lower than in the past. This is due to the nature of human globalization and the red hair gene itself. Humans are spreading out a lot more than they ever have before in history. Red hair is a recessive gene and needs another carrier to be passed on. As people expand, the pockets of redheads in the world mate with non-gene-carriers, and the population diminishes.

5. They Are Royals


Queen Elizabeth was a ginger and many people in the Tudor bloodline share the trait.

6. Nothing Can Hurt Them


Okay, maybe not “nothing,” but the MC1R gene releases a chemical called pheomelanin, which blocks the brains receptivity to pain. This means redheads have a higher pain threshold.

7. They’re Joining Forces


Every September, the Netherlands holds a two-day festival in honor of redheads world wide.

8. There’s More Variety Than You Think


Redheads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can have golden hair, bright orange or maybe just strawberry blonde. They’re all a part of the family.

9. They’ve Been Treated Poorly In The Past


Hitler’s Nazi regime considered redheads to be demonic. It went on to ban marriage between two redheads, believing that they would produce more demon children.

10. They’re Typically Lefties


If you’re a redhead, you are more likely to be left handed.

11. The “Soulless” Thing Isn’t New Either


Greek mythology is full of stories of redheads turning into vampires after they have died.

12. They Look Delicious


According to several studies, bees are more attracted to red heads. Maybe it’s because they look like tasty flowers.

13. Hot Headed


Redheads are sometimes stereotyped as more prone to being hot headed, but there is no evidence of this being true.

14. They’re Worth Painting


Art history shows us that many painters chose to depict muses with red hair, such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

15. Oh, And Mary Magdalene


Though there is no mention of it in scripture, many painters also chose to depict Mary Magdalene with fiery locks.

16. They Can Look Like This.


I mean, they can be super-handsome.

17. There Might Be Health Benefits For Men


Studies published in the British Journal of Cancer suggest that men with red hair are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer.

18. Marilyn Monroe Was A Redhead


Though she was famous for her blonde hair and curves, Monroe was a natural redhead.

19. Dying Red Hair Is Hard


Because of red is such a strong pigment, red hair has to be stripped of it’s natural color entirely before another is added. So better not to bother.

Source: Lifebuzz

See? Redheads are awesome! BRB, I’m gonna go dye my hair red.

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