This Family Of Four Were Found Dead In Mexico. Now Investigators Have Revealed Their Cause Of Death

The Tao complex in Tulum, Mexico certainly doesn’t look like the sort of place where anything bad could happen. With its Asian influences, massive golf course and infinity pools, it’s the sort of place that people go to lose themselves in comfort and security for a few weeks. Sadly though, for the Sharp family from Iowa, what should have been a perfect vacation ended in tragedy.

Kevin Wayne Sharp was 41 years old. He worked distributing beer and through that had become a regular race driver at the Adams County Speedway in Iowa. In 2017, he came fourth in the stock car championship. This was the second time that he’d taken his family to Mexico for a vacation.

That family was Sharp’s wife Amy, 38, and their two children Sterling, who was 12, and Adrianna, who was seven. On March 15, 2018, the Sharp family got in touch with relatives in Iowa to let them know that they’d arrived in Mexico. The family had left the United States the day before, first flying out to Tucson, Arizona, before renting a car to drive the rest of the way to Tulum.

The final communication that the family had had with their friends and relatives in Iowa was a Snapchat message posted by Sterling. It showed his feet near the pool next to their rented condo. But then things went quiet. And the people who knew the Sharps could tell that something had gone wrong.

The first clear sign that something was wrong came on March 18, 2018. That was the day of Amy Sharp’s sister’s birthday. Renee Hoyt always got a call from her sister on the day, even if it was well into the night before she did. The next morning, it dawned on Hoyt that she’d heard nothing at all.