10 Famous People Who Disappeared Without A Trace

There's a certain lack of closure that comes from a person simply vanishing. In fact, even discovering that your friend or loved passed away might be preferable to the perpetual mystery of not knowing.

Usually, you think of someone disappearing into thin air as something that only happens in The X-Files. In real life, though, there's always a totally logical explanation for the disappearance... right?

These 10 famous people prove that, sometimes, in spite of the best efforts of the authorities, people can—and do—simply vanish. When you read their stories, you'll get a chill...

1. Sean Flynn: The son of legendary actor Errol Flynn and singer Lili Damita, Sean Flynn was a photojournalist who made a name for himself during the Vietnam War. In 1970, while working in Cambodia, Flynn was kidnapped by Viet Cong forces and never seen again.
2. Oscar Zeta Acosta: Known for his friendship with the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Zeta Acosta was a writer and a political activist. In 1974, Acosta left his home to go on a trip to Mexico and mysteriously never returned from the adventure.
3. Theodosia Burr Alston: The daughter of former Vice President Aaron Burr (known for firing the shot that would end the life of Alexander Hamilton), Theodosia Burr Alston boarded a ship in 1812 to be reunited with her husband in England. The ship never made it across the Atlantic—and what happened to it remains a mystery to this day.
4. Henry Hudson: A famous explorer, Henry Hudson left behind an impressive legacy. The Hudson River is named after him, for crying out loud! Unfortunately, on the hunt for the Northwest Passage in 1610, his crew mutinied and left him literally upriver in a small row boat along with his son. They were never seen again.