A good logo is hard to forget. Everyone can picture the McDonald’s arch or the FedEx colors. But no matter how many times you’ve seen them, the logos you thought you knew might have bee hiding some secrets right under your nose. Here are a few of the best ones.

1. Baskin Robbins


This one is a bit more obvious – but the message behind it may not be. The “B” and the “R” in the Baskin Robbins logo make up the number 31, which stands for the 31 flavors of ice cream that the company sells.

2. Wendy’s


On the subtler side of things, we have Wendy’s. If you look carefully at her collar you can see the word “mom.”

3. Families/Marriage


See it? The “ili” of the word “Families” are designed to represent a family and while the “RR” in “Marriage” is reminiscent of a couple reciting their vows.

4. Yoga Australia


In this one the woman’s leg is pulled up not just in a yoga pose but also to form the shape of Australia.

5. Sun Microsystems


Here, the diamond to the left forms the word “Sun” from nearly any angle.

6. Google


The “l” in Google is green, which is significant as that is the only color that isn’t primary. This is used to signify Google’s unique presence as an original company.

7. Spartan Gold Club


This logo features the profile of a Spartan warrior that doubles as a golfer finishing his swing.

8. Northwest Airlines


The gap in the “W” forms a triangle that is facing northwest and an “N,” in order to fully represent the Northwest brand.

9. McDonald’s


When the company was designing a new logo back in 1960, they consulted psychologist Louis Cheskin, who suggested they use the arches because they resembled a pair of “nourishing breasts.”

10. Coca Cola


Though this was likely unintentional, Coke’s logo seems to feature the flag of Denmark, the “happiest country on Earth.” Recently, Coke embraced this hidden feature.

11. Sony Vaio


The “VA” of this logo represent analog wave patterns, while the “IO” represents digital.

12. Formula 1


The Formula 1 Racing logo cleverly features an “F” and a “1.”

13. Wikipedia


Wikipedia intentionally left their puzzle globe unfinished to represent that the search for knowledge remains unfinished.

14. LG


The LG logo uses the letters of their name to construct a happy face.

15. Adidas


The company is famous for the three stripes that adorn their apparel but in the logo they also are indicative of the obstacles that athletes face in their quests for success.

16. Hope For Children Initiative


Here, the African continent becomes the profiles of an adult and child.

17. Cisco


Cisco was founded in San Francisco and they chose to honor that foundation by placing the Golden Gate Bridge in their logo.

18. Amazon


Amazon claims to have everything you could want “from A to Z.” The logo drives that home and does it with the company’s famous smile.

19. The Tour de France


The word “Tour” form the image of a cyclist.

20. Fedex


Fedex ships things from one point to another and chose to represent this very subtly in the form of an arrow in the “E” and “X.”

Source: UNB Facts

I never knew so much went into some of these logos. Some of those were so obvious I can’t believe I missed them. Share these with others by clicking below.