Every time a baby is named, a bureaucrat gets her wings. That’s because the Social Security Administration (SSA) records every newborn name, so we can track trends, popularity, and more in the calling card department. According to the data, people of the United States still draw on a few classic names for their kids, but there are dark horse candidates rising through the ranks. These 40 names may not be the most overall popular names today, but they’re the fastest growing in the nation.

When Laura wasn’t cutting it anymore, parents added an additional vowel and had Alora. Meaning “the Lord is my light,” the name’s whimsical feeling landed it on the top 1000 names list for the first time in 2017.

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The meaning of this Germanic name changes depending on where you look, but most people agree Mylo means “peaceful” or “easy to please.” Mylos are good company.

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Rising over 200 spots on the Social Security Administration’s most popular names list, Tru means “strength of the spear” or, simply, just “strength” — and it takes a lot of strength to be Tru to yourself.

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Radiant. Bright. A river that swallows all other rivers. Zyaire, with roots in the Republic of Zaire (now known as The Democratic Republic of the Congo), exudes power and a personality that captures a room.

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Often associated with golfer Arnold Palmer — or the refreshing summer time drink of lemonade and iced tea — this name is being given to more and more baby girls.

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Amora burst on to the top 100 names list in 2017 and started gaining in the ranks immediately. Inspired by amore, the Spanish word for love, this popular name rolls nicely off the tongue.

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Count your blessings! Already popular in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Blessing inspires hope and faith, and reminds who ever holds the title how special they are every single day.

This name has roots across Western Asia. In Indian, the name’s associated with Buddhist terms meaning “storehouse consciousness.” In its Arabic origins, the name means “sublime.” So, either way, we’re talking a peaceful state here.

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Some sources suggest the name means “enemy of desire,” which feels like a mean thing to call a child. More likely, the East African name drew on the Arabic word for moon.

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Meaning “love,” Kaisely isn’t considered a properly spelled name by most spellchecking software, making whoever types it perpetually unsure if they’re writing the name correctly.

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In life, it’s necessary to have a supportive crew at your side; it’s a name that commands respect but also suggests strength and support. The name rose in popularity when The Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow gave it to his son.


Bollywood superstar Karisma Kapoor named her son Kiann in 2010, giving the name increased popularity within South-Asian communities. It means “by the grace of God.”

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Get us a butcher, a candlestick maker, and a Baker. When your name’s associated with the smell of freshly baked breads coming out of the oven, you have an advantage in life.

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George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire — otherwise known as HBO’s Game of Thrones — boosted the name Lyanna. In the books and show, Lyanna was the sister of Ned Stark, and her failed relationship with Robert Baratheon sparked a civil war.

Meaning “fine friend,” Bellamy takes a few popular names — Belle, Isabelle, and Annabelle — and combines them into a fun, gender neutral package.

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First there were Coltons. Then, there were Colts. Now, we’re on to Colter. Starting with a hard C, the name has a commanding presence. And let’s not forget John Colter of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition.

With Biblical roots, the Hebrew name means “messenger or angel.” Someone by that name wrote the Book of Malachi, which, in the Christian Bible, is the final chapter of the Old Testament.

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Legacy — It’s what you leave behind when you’re gone. With an elegant, classy sound, the name reminds whomever its bestowed to to live a good life and be memorable.

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The name for the Archangel of Death in Islam, Azrael has an ethereal feeling to it, like colorful lights in a dark room. A name associated with with such a hefty title comes with great responsibility.

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Hilary Duff and musician Matthew Koma named their first child Banks Violet, which gave the name a national appeal. It’s hard not to think of Wells Fargo, but Banks invokes images of river banks, too.

While most Americans associate Salem with the infamous Massachusetts town that went off the rails and started burning witches, the name actually has Biblical roots. More than half the Salems in the U.S. are women.

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Pronounced ah-EEN-oh-ah, Ainhoa means “Town Of Virgin Mary” and has Spanish origins. There’s an elegant, almost Elvish feeling to the name, and it’s climbing the ranks of America’s most popular names.

Rising in popularity among boys and girls, Oakleigh refers to a meadow of oak trees: a beautiful, lush sight that gives the world color and life. With a name like Oakleigh, anything is possible.


Archie is a name fit for royalty; at least, it is after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle named their first son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. You might also think of Archie Bunker. Or Archie comics. Or archery.

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An Arabic and Hebrew name, Alaiya means “joyful,” and the name itself gives off a similar feeling. Saying Alaiya has similar vibes elate!


Guess what? It’s the same name, just without the extra Y. Pronounced ah-LYE-ah, this name has three vowels in a row, which is a power move towards anyone trying to pronounce it for the first time.

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It’s no surprise this name has Greek origins — it was ripped from the pages of Greek mythology! The father of a king, Atreus’s name meant “fearless.”

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Even with an Arabic origin, Yaritza — which means “butterfly” — is popular in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, too. It’s the fifth fastest growing girl’s name in the United States.

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Of Arabic origins, and meaning “faith” (or “smart and fearless,” depending on who you ask), Emani exudes both elegance and power.

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Why was Six afraid of Seven? Because Seven ate Nine. Andre 3000 named his son Seven, and George Costanza of Seinfeld threatened to stick his first born with the moniker to honor the jersey number of Mickey Mantle.

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Are we talking about the color, or the military branch? The name works in either context, and parents across the U.S.A. have fallen in love with it. Hopefully, Air Force and Chartreuse aren’t the next popular names.

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Eliel combines two Hebrew names — Eli and El — to make one powerful name that means, “My God is God.”

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Another Hebrew name — this one meaning “God is my strength — Aziel went out of style centuries ago, but the A and Z letters have made it popular once more in recent years.

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The Greek word ambrosia brought Ambrose to life. Referring to the food of gods, which also was said to give immortality, Ambrose is the embodiment of power and cool. Way back when, St. Ambrose was also made the patron saint of Milan.

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Prince Phillip has a sister named Theodora, and Keith Richards gave his daughter the name back in 1985. Girls with this name often go by Theo, Teddy, or Dora.

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A variation of Cairo, this name quietly appeared on the top 1000 names list for the first time in 2015. Meaning “The Victorious Lord,” Kyro starts with a powerful hard K sound and ends with a pleasing O.

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In the 1855 Charles Kingsley novel Westward Ho!, Captain Sir Amyas Leigh boldly follows Francis Drake west. A masculine version of Amy, Amias has been given to boys and girls.

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After rising over 1,000 places in the most common name rankings, Amoura — which is also rooted in the Spanish word Amor, meaning love — is the fastest growing girl’s name in America. That’s Amoura!

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While still only the 540th most popular name in 2019, Ermias shot up the charts tracking growth. There may not be a ton of Ermiases in the United States, there are a lot more today than there were yesterday.

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Originating from the Republic of Malawi, an East African nation, Sekani means “merriment and joy,” and it’s the fastest growing name in the United States, according to the SSA. Maybe you’ve never met a Sekani — but you probably will soon!

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